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The Night The Prowler

Original title: The Night The Prowler
Czech title: Nočňátko
Country and year: Australia 1978
Director: Jim Sharman
Running time: 90 minutes
Screening format: HD
Version: English / Czech subtitles
Other info: IMDB, ČSFD
Screening: Thursday 9th March 2023 from 18.00
Vennue: Cinema Aero, Prague
Admission: 180,- Kč

What really happened that night the mysterious prowler entered Felicity’s bedroom? And does it even matter? From the director of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Jim Sharman and Nobel Prize winning author Patrick White comes The Night The Prowler, one of the most interesting Australian films of the 1970s. And though it did not enjoy any extraordinary audience success in its time, it is precisely the kind of film we like to rehabilitate at The Shockproof Film Festival.

In the days after her encounter with the prowler, Felicity sets off on a strange journey of self-discovery, seeking escape from her stuffy middle class existence. Sharman cleverly balances a camp sensibility with social critique, tearing the narrative into colorful shreds with his surreal visual style. Once The Night The Prowler enters your life, suburban idyll will never feel the same again.

The festival compliments Anthony Buckley Films (Australia) for granting the screening rights.

Za poskytnutí práv k projekci děkujeme Anthony Buckley Films.


18th edition(2023)
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The Night, the Prowler

The Night, the Prowler

The Night, the Prowler

The Night, the Prowler

The Night, the Prowler

The Night, the Prowler


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