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About us

The Shockproof Film Festival stands for all forms of low-brow, bad taste, trash and fun outside of the realm of run-of-the-mill. Each year we present a fine selection of the most impressive, ludicrous, overlooked and bizarre in horror, extreme, action, gore, camp, B-, C- and even X-rated movies. Our festival brings cinema back to its original form of an attraction and an unforgettable collective experience. By that we do not just mean the obvious; that nothing can match the excitement you experience when you watch a chilling horror or pathetic schlock in the company of three hundred people in the same mood as yourself. Aside from that, the most essential venue of Prague’s renowned cinema Aero features interactive screenings, where with the help of appropriately cheap and DIY-style tools the films enter the fourth dimension and takes form in the auditorium. Other times even movies which you might have seen already gain a new life thanks to our by now legendary creative simultaneous translations into Czech language. Instead of a quiet contemplation of the art of the moving image we bring you screenings, where the theatre vibrates with bursts of laughter or screams of terror. We also take the cinephilic adoration of classical film formats to a new level with screenings from archival media such as VHS or even VCD. Do not miss your chance to be a part of this wondrous ride.

Who we used to be

The following text was used as the festival's introduction in its early years:

„You know it all? You’ve seen it all? Be not mistaken...“

„I think the Festival was very fruitful. I was particularly intrigued by a scene in „Texas Chainsaw Massacre“ of the victim escaping this kind of death. This escape reminds me of a similar, happy-ending escape of Snow White in Walt Disney’s „Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs“, a film that I saw and fully experienced in my childhood.“
- quote by a loyal viewer, reacting to the 2nd year of the Festival

The Shockproof Film Festival is a chance for films out of standards of film aesthetics and the demands of accustomed audiences. The idea of organizing a festival of films surpassing the borders of „good taste“ came along with the new tendency in film studies to see the world cinema as a whole, not only as a representative but limited cut-out made of commonly famous names.
The Shockproof Film Festival presents mainly films that exploit, in their own often controversial ways, sensitive issues of society (violence, sexuality, standards of human behaviour).
The Shockproof Film Festival goes beyond the usual film-watching experience and offers a unique opportunity to share the imagination of film makers whose vision of the world and the film art is „different“.
The Shockproof Film Festival does not leave its audience unprepared for such a (non)aesthetic film experience. The screenings are opened with an introduction and the most controversial pieces are followed by a discussion where the audience can freely express their disgust or zest.


The Shockproof Film Festival
e-mail: info@otrlydivak.cz

cinema Aero
Biskupcova 31
Praha 3
130 00
tel: 271 771 349
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Main venue:

5th - 10th March 2019
Cinema Aero, Prague

Regional venues:

29th March 2019
Bio Central, Hradec Králové

5th April 2019
Cinema Metropol, Olomouc

6th April 2019
Cinema Scala, Brno


(date will be specified)
Cinema Aero, Prague

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